About SmokeFreeNOLA

Have you joined the movement yet? People from near and far are joining the SmokeFreeNOLA campaign to protect employees and musicians who work in New Orleans’ bars, restaurants and casinos from exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace.

SmokeFreeNOLA is a broad coalition of organizations that support efforts to protect all employees and musicians in New Orleans’ bars and casinos  from the dangers of secondhand smoke. The science is clear: there is no safe level of secondhand smoke exposure.

Nearly two-thirds of Louisiana residents agree that smoking should not be allowed at all in indoor work areas. However, many residents of New Orleans, including employees and musicians. continue to be exposed to high levels of secondhand smoke, leading to cancers, diseases, other smoke-related illnesses and death.

The Louisiana Smokefree Air, “Act 815,” prohibits smoking in public places and restaurants, but this law does not include stand-alone bars and gaming facilities, which means that more than 6,000 employees working in venues including bars, casinos, entertainers, DJs, musicians, and patrons of  many of NOLA’s outstanding entertainment and dining facilities are still exposed to the toxins found in secondhand smoke.

#SmokeFreeNOLA supports healthier air for everyone in New Orleans because everyone has the right to breathe smoke-free air.

Are you ready to geaux smoke-free?