Explore Why It Matters

Secondhand smoke causes the premature death of approximately 690 residents in Louisiana each year. Service industry and gaming facility employees, along with musicians, breathe more secondhand smoke while at work than any other type of employee, and can suffer from many of the same illnesses as smokers.

Did you know:

  • Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals and compounds, including hundreds that are toxic and at least 69 that cause cancer.
  • Breathing 30 minutes of secondhand smoke has the same effect as smoking a cigarette.
  • Exposure to secondhand smoke increases a non-smoker’s risk of heart disease by as much as 60%.
  • People who work in bars and gaming facilities breathe enough secondhand smoke every day to have some of the same health problems that pack-a-day smokers have.
  • Secondhand smoke can damage a musician’s vocal chords permanently, which could mean the end of his or her career.

A smoke-free law will protect the health of every resident in New Orleans by eliminating the exposure of secondhand smoke in bars and casinos. Everyone will breathe easier, and this will create safer, healthier environments for everyone who live, work, and visit New Orleans. Additionally, by adopting a comprehensive smoke-free law without any exceptions to stand-alone bars and gaming facilities, we can:

  • Save money allocated to health costs attributed to secondhand smoke.
  • Reduce the number of deaths caused by secondhand smoke.
  • Provide adequate workplace conditions for all employees.
  • Promote clean air and healthy behavior choice.
  • Improve public health conditions.
  • Lower healthcare premiums.

Starting April 22nd, over 6,000 employees working in venues including bars and casinos, will be protected from toxic levels of secondhand smoke.

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